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" Ay, note that Potter's wheel, That metaphor! and feel, Why time spins fast, why passive lies our clay, — Thou, to whom fools propound, When the wine makes its round, "Since life fleets, all is change; the Past gone, seize to-day! "
Dramatis Personae - Страница 85
написао/ла Robert Browning - 1864 - 250 страница
Пуни преглед - О овој књизи

Life Understood: From a Scientific and Religious Point of View

Frederick L. Rawson - 2007 - 452 страница
...enduring henceforth and for ever ... as part of the eternal Being of God." " And all that is at all, 5 Lasts ever, past recall; Earth changes, but thy soul and God stand sure" (Robert Browning). EVOLUTION OF OUR SENSE OF GOD "Every human institution, therefore, religion itself,...
Ограничен приказ - О овој књизи

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