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Volume XV.

AprilJune, 1918

With Alphabetical and Analytical Index
Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams



Copyright, 1918
By The New York Times Company

Times Square, New York City

Volume XV.

[This Index constitutes a Table of Contents and an Analytical Index of Authors,

Subject Matter, and Titles.]

[Titles of articles appear in italics}

Abomination of Desolation, 486.

ADYE. (Jlaj. Gin.) J., 163.

AERONAUTICS, number of noncombatants

killed in air raids in England, 5; state-

ment of Bonar Law on increase in supply

of airplanes, 0; press dispatch on German

control of American sector in France

through lack of American planes, 12;

summary of aircraft production in U. S.,

by Sec. Baker, 13; work of British airmen

in 1'lcardy battle described by P. Gibbs,

215; extract from report of Senate Mili-

tary Affairs Committee showing diffi-

culty in obtaining castor oil for lubricat-

ing airplane engines, 231; report of U. S.

Senate Com. on shortage in aircraft pro-

duction and on capacity of training

schools, 245: work of Italian airplanes in

defense of Venice, 290; account of eight-

hour air bombardment of Venice, 3(12;

historical summary of "Air Raids on

Paris and London," and giving account of

German construction of higher-powered

machines, 30.1; list of British reprisal

raids, 308; list of Zeppelins and other

dirigibles destroyed, 30!l; Italian com-

munique in reply to Austrian denial of

being first to bombard cities from air-

planes, 388.

AFRICA. Anglo-German agreement on Portu-
guese colonies as revealed in Prince Lich-
nowsky's memorandum, VII., (May sup-

AIMS of the War, text of important para-

graphs from communication sent to

Austro-Hungarian Govt, by Dr. Michaelis

outlining plans for annexation of prrts

of Russia and France, 2; stated by Count

Hertling in reply to Pres. Wilson, in

Reichstag, 101; Entente aims as stated

by Count von Hertling. 102; full text

of declaration by Interallied Labor-

Socialist Conference in London. 100; state-

ment of Pres. Wilson indorsed by Ameri-

can Federation of Labor, 115; speech by

Senator Borah on issues involved, 278;

views of labor as expressed by American

Labor Mission to England and France,


See also CAUSES of the War; PEACE.


ALAND ISLANDS, future discussed at Brest-

Litovsk conference, by Trotzky and Kuehl-

mann. 65.

ALLENBY. (Gen. Sir) Edmund H. H., text

of report on operations leading to capture

of Jerusalem, 153; description of arrival

In Jerusalem, 100.

ALLTED Naval Committee, agreement to

anti-submarine proposals of Vice Admiral

Calthorpe, 27.

AI/LTPD War Council, see SUPREME War


ALMEYP.EDA. Miguel, relations with Cail-

laux, and death. 384.

ALSACE-LORRAINE, comment by S. Pichon

showing that German leaders and Em-

peror William T. regarded territories as

French. 2: declaration of Interallied Labor

Socialist Conference on problem. 100.

Sec also AIMS of the War; PEACE.

America in the War, 7.

AMERICAN Alliance for Labor and De-

mocracy, 114.

AMERICAN Federation of Labor, see


AMERICAN International Corporation, con-

struction of Hog Island yard and con-

tracts for vessels, 23.

AMERICAN Labor Mission, visit to England

und r-'rance, 425.

American Liberty's Crucial Hour, 278.

American Prisoners Exploited, 4S4.

American Shipbuilders Break All Records,


American Soldiers in Battle, 411.

American Troops in Central France, 415.

Americans' Baptism of Fire in France, 8.

America's First Year of War, 217.

America's Sacrifice, 410.

AMIENS, historical sketch, 3R4.

Sec also CAMPAIGN in Western Europe.

AMFT, death sentence, 3i>6.

ANNEXATION, see AIMS of the War;


ARMAND (Commandant), French and Aus-

trian official accounts of meeting with

Count Revertata, 328.


ARMIES, historical sketch of numbers en-

gaged in world's greatest battles, 1!I2;

races under command of Foch, 382.

See also CAMPAIGNS, and «ndtr names

of countries,

ARNIM, (Gen.) Sixt von, In Flanders, 303,


ASPHYXIATING Gas, Rev. Dr. Balan of

Province of Posen refuses to indorse Red

Cross appeal against use, 343; "Greatest

Gas Attack of the War," by W. A. Willl-

son, 004.

ATROCITIES, Armenian National Council

protests to Germans against butchery bv

Turks. 230; text of protest by M. Ch'iehe"-

rin against outrages committed by Ger-

man troops In Russia, 450.

Sec also HOSPITAL Ships.

AUSTRALIA, voluntary union of colonies

cited as precedent for separate Ulster,


AUSTRIA-HUNGARY, resignation of Count

Czernln as Foreign Minister and Premier

on account of peace letter sent by Em-

peror to France, and succession ofBarnn

Burlan. 104: decrease in birth rate and

increase in Infant mortality in Hungarv,


See also CAMPAIGN on Austro-Ttalian

border; PEACE—Austro-Freneh.

AUTOMOBILES, first use of German tanks,

in Picardy battle, 402.

AVERESCU. (Gen.) Eofozn. on Rumanian

pence with Germany, 528; formation of

Govt.. 530.



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BAGDAD Railway, negotiations revealed in
Prince Lichnowsky's memorandum, X.
(May supplement); study by Dr. M.
Jastrow from his book, "The War and
the Bagdad Hallway," 5o0.

BAKER. (Sec.) Newton Diehl, on purpose of
visit to Fiance, 0; summary of U. S. air-
craft production, 13; statement on Gen.
Pershing's offer to troops to Gen. Foch,
240; visit to front line trenches; orders for
handling publicity pertaining to troops
and operations; resumes issue of casualty
lists, 242; statement on experience of air
raid on Paris, 305; on plans for increase
of army, 413.

BAKERIES, for American Army in France,

BALAN (Rev. Dr.), refused to Indorse Red
Cross appeal against use of poisonous
gases, 343.

BALFOUR, Arthur James, reply in Com-
mons to speech of Count von Hertling on
peace, Feb. 25, 103; quoted on efficiency
of Italian Navy, 14!); "Russia and the
Allies," 273; statement In Commons on
Emperor Karl's letter to Prince Sixtus,
383; statement in recognition of Esthonia,

BALKAN States, declaration of Interallied
Labor-Socialist Conference on settlement
in peace terms, 109; causes and results
of Balkan wars discussed by W. Pelro-
vitch, 143; Germ-'in policy reviewed in
Prince Lichnowsky's memorandum, III.
(May supplement); reply of von Jagow
to Llchnowsky statements, 542; comment
by H. C. Woods on Llchnowsky testi-
mony, 550.

See also CAMPAIGN In Balkan States;
SLAVIA; and under names of States.

Battle of Bourlon Wood, 117.

Battle Viewed from the French Front, 221.


BEATTY, (Vice Admiral Sir) David, work
in Jutland battle reviewed by T. G.
Frothingham and expert naval writers,

BEEGHLEY, F. W.. 22.

BEGBIE, Harold, "America's Sacrifice."

BELGIUM, German plan to divide country
by separation of Flemings and Walloons
through "Council of Flanders," 01; ex-
posure of plan and opposition of people,
93; arrest of Judges of Belgian Court by
Germans; official protests, 94; German
measures to prevent deliberation on ques-
tion of partition, 03; historical sketch
from 1579 to development of modern
State, 96; A. J. Balfour on question of
restoration by Germany, 103; official
statement ot Govt. In reply to peace
speech of Count Hertling. 105; reparation
by Germany declared for by Interallied
Labor-Socialist Conference. 109; official
summary of German attempt to separate
Flemish from Walloon provinces, through
Council of Flanders, 511; account of Ger-
man use of "Rathenau Plan" for ex-
ploitation of Industries, as given In bro-
chure by Professor Munro, Sellery, and
Krey, 516; protest of Cardinal Mercier
against spoliation of Belgian churches.
823; appeal to Bolshevik!. 525.

See also ATMS of War; CAMPAIGN In
Western Europe.
PTOW (Gen) von. 224.
BENDAIX (Stoker), account of Zeebrugge

raid. 466.
BERNHARD. Georg. comment on von Ja-

ww's reply to Llchnowsky memorandum.

BERNSTEIN, Herman, account of conditions
In Petrograd, 74.

BESSARABIA, Diet votes for union with
Rumania, and Ukrainia protests, 237;
Russo-Humanian agreement and refusal
of Ukrainia to recognize step, 4.12: official
announcement of union with Rumania by
N. H. Lahovary at Washington, 535.

von, text of close of instructions to von
Schoen regarding neutrality of French
Govt, at outbreak of war, 2.

BISSING. (Gen.) Moritz von, passage from
plan-to separate Belgium. 91.

BLACKLIST, sec Trading with the Enemey

BLEIBTREU. Karl, figures for German

losses on all fronts, 431.

Blockade of Germany Complete, 25.
BOLO Pacha. Paul, execution; account of

intrigues, 191.
BOLS, (MaJ. Gen.) L. J., mentioned by Gen.

Allenby in report, 103.
BOLRHEVIKI, sec RUSSIA—Bolshevik!.
Bombardment of Rhcims, 123.
BONNET Rouge, trial of Duval, L. Malvy.

and others for treason, 6eA.
BORAH, William E.. "American Liberty's

Crucial Hour," speech on war Issues in

Senate, 27S.
BOURREY, George, "Modern Grenadier and

His Grenades," 50.

with the Enemy Act.
BRADFORD (Lieut. Commander), death in

Z.'.brugge raid, 402.


BRIDGE, (Sir) Cyprian, on Jutland battle,

British Aid to Italy, 492.

British Victories in Mesopotamia, 106.

BROCK (Wing Commander), invention of
new smoke screen, 304; tribute by com-
mander, 401.

BROQUEVILLE (Baron) de, view of "Ac-
tivist plot." 515.

BROWNE. Louis Edgar, description of con-
ditions in Petrograd, 73.

BROWNING Gun, see GUNS (Ordnance).

BUCHAN, John, extract from description of
Jutland battle, 342.

BUCHAREST Treaty, see TEACE—Ruma-
nian Separate I'eace.

BULFIN, (MaJ. Gen.) E. S.. services men-
tioned by Gen. Allenby in report. 103.

BULGARIA, to control Dobrudja under peace
treaty forced on Rumania by Germany,

BURIAN von Rajecz (Baron), succeeds
Count Czernln as Premier and Foreign
Minister. 104.

BURY. (Lieut. Commander) William A., 4S0.

BYRNE. Alfred, on Irish conscription in
Commons, 271.

CALENDAR, adoption of Gregorian or "New
Style " in Russia, 75.

CALTHORrE (Vice Admiral), 27.

CAMBRAI. report of Sir D. Hals on 1917 re-
verse, 116: full text of report. 34!).
See also CAMPAIGN In Western Europe.

CAMPAIGN in Asia Minor and Eeypt, re-
ports of U. R. War Dept. from Feb. 13 to
Mar. 17. 33: text of official account of
Jerusalem campaign, by Gen. E. H. H.
Allenby, 153; capture of Jerusalem de-

Vol. XV.

scribed by an eyewitness, 103; last dis-
patch of Gen. Maude on British victories
in Mesopotamia. 100; comment by Lloyd
George on "British Forces in Asia," in
introduction of man power bill, 208; ad-
vance of Generals Allenby and Marshall
toward Aleppo and Mosul, 395.

CAMPAIGN on Aus'tro-Italian Border, week-
ly reports of U. S. War Dept.. Feb. 13 to
Mar. 17, 33; account of the "Naval De-
fense of Venice." 293; events of month,
397; summary of dispatch of Gen. Plumer
on "British Aid to Italy," 482.

CAMPAIGN in Balkan States, account of
Serbian operations and retreat, by W.
Petrovitch, 145; account of rescue of Ser-
bian Army by Italian Navy, 149.

CAMPAIGN In Eastern Europe, weekly re-
port of events issued by U. S. War Dept..
from Feb. 13 to Mar. 17, 33; story of new
German invasion of Russia, 43; German
order for fraternization with Russians,
78; fraternization described by W. Hege-
ler, 79; progress of German invasion dur-
ing month, 234; German advance in Rus-
sia, 448.

CAMPAIGN in Western Europe, Initial activ-
ities of American troops, 8; "Vast Sup-
ply Centres for Pershing's Army," 10;
weekly report of events issued by U. S.
War Dept. from F.b. 13 to Mar. 17. 33;
report of Sir D. Haig on Cambral reverse
in 1917. 110; "The Battle of Bourlon
Wood." 117; account of the bombardment
of Rheims, 129; military review of Bat-
tle of Picardy, from Mar. 21 to April 17,
and showing strength of armies in western
theatre, 199; comparison of reverses in
Picardy operations with Cambrai, 205;
proclamation of Gen. Haig to troops; sit-
uation summed up by Gin. Maurice. 207;
figures for men engaged in Picardy, 208;
article by P. Gibbs, "Four Epic Weeks
of Carnage." describing battle of Picardy,
200; "How Gen. Carey Saved Amiens."
219; work of Amcr. companies in assist-
ing Gen. Carey recognized by Gen. Raw-
linson in litter, 220; article by G. H. Fer-
ris describing battle of Picardy as viewed
from French front. 221; American troops
offered by Gen. Pershing to Gen. Foch
accepted and brigaded with British and
French in Picardy battle, 240; first activ-
ities of American transport, aviation, and
engineer sections in Picardy battle, 241;
speech of Lloyd George in Commons re-
viewing the battle of Picardy, 203; ac-
count of bombardment of Paris by long-
range guns, 310; full text of Halg's report
on battle of Cambrai, 340. military review
of battles in Picardy and Flanders, 389:
continuation of description of fighting In
Flanders and Picardy. by P. Gibhs. 398;
account of American soldiers in battle of
Deicheprey and in Picardy, 411; account
of part played fcy Americans in "Carey
Episode." 412; statement by Lloyd George
on extension of British line by agreement
of Sir D. Haig with Gen. Petain. In re-
ply to charges of Gen. Maurice. 488.

CAMPBELL, (Maj. Gen. Sir) Walter, 163.

CANADA, bravery of troops In Picardy bat-
tle described by P. Glbbs, 214: separate
fovernment of Newfoundland and Labra-
or cited as precedent for Ulster, 380.

CAPELLE, (Admiral) von, selections from
address in Reichstag on success of sub-
marine warfare, 400; British reply, 400.

Cnrrer and Fate of the Raider Seeadler, 470.

CAREY, (Brig. Gen.) Sandeman. account of
holding of gap to Amiens. 210; feat at
Amiens mentioned by Lloyd George in
Commons, 205; account of feat, 412.

CARPENTER, (Commander) Alfred F. B..
account of Vindictive in Zeebrugge raid,

CARTER, (Ljeut) Stuart B., 464.

CASTOR Oil, use for lubricating airplane en-
gines, 230.

CASUALTIES, number of English noncom-
batants who lost lives In air raids and
through submarine warfare up to Feb.,
1918, 5; summary of American losses to
March 15, published by War Dept., 8;
number lost during month by submarine
warfare, 28: German losses in battle of
Picardy, 227; criticism of suppression of
lists by Sec. Baker; summarized totals of
Amer. losses up to April 11 Issued, 242;
American, 394; heavy German losses in
Picardy battle, 404; American and Ger-
man losses at Seicheprey, 411; figures
given by K. Bleibtreu for German losses
on all fronts from Aug. 2, 1914, to Jan.
31, 1918. 431; British losses in naval raid
on Zeebrugge. 401.
See also PRISONERS of War.

CAUCASUS, refusal to recognize Brest-
Litovsk peace; declaration of independ-
ence; Armenians and Georgians rise
against Turkish occupation, and Arme-
nians protest to Germany against Turk-
ish butchery, 230; declares independence
under Govt, headed by M. Chkhemkell,

Causes of Russia's Downfall, 84.

CAUSES of the War, two documents made
public by S. Pichon showing Germany's
determination to force war on France, 1;
Austrian determination to declare war on
Serbia discussed by W. M. Petrovitch,

Pre also AIMS of the War; LICHNOW-
SKY, Prince.

CECIL. (Lord) Robert, on speech of von
Hertling on peace, 105; statement in re-
ply to speech of Count Czernin on peace,
327; comment on attitude of England to-
ward Russian people, 383.

CENTRAL Allies, conference of German and
Austrian Emperors on May 12. 382.


CHAMBERLAIN, Austen, made member of
War Cabinet, 191.

CHARLES I., Emperor of Austria-Hungary,
text of letter to Prince Sixtus showing
efforts to make separate peace with
France. 193; conference with German Em-
peror, 382; comment of A. J. Balfour In
Commons. 3S3; supplemental statements,
404: telegram from Kaiser accepting plea
of distortion of Sixtus letter, 405.

CHAUVEL, (Maj. Gen. Sir) Henry, com-
mented on by Gen. Allenby In report, 103.

CHKTVVODE, (Maj. Gen. Sir) Philip, serv-
ices mentioned by Gen. Allenbv in report,


CHIROL, Valentine, comment on Prince
Lichnowsky's memorandum, XXVIII.,
(May Supplement.)


CHRONOLOGY of the War, 29, 231, 420.

C'LEMENCEATT, (Premier) Georges, accused
by Emperor Charles of falsification in
publishing letter on peace, 104; statements
in denial of Count Czernin's assertion
thut France initiated peace move, 328.

COLE, J. C, 22.

COMMERCE, declaration of Interallied Labor
Conference on after war policies, 111;
Bolshevik! sending commission to U. S.
for future trade relations. 238; trade pact
of United States with Norway, 387: sum-
mary of report of British Committee on
Commercial and Industrial Policy After
the War, 434.

ING with the Enemy Act.

COMMUNIST Party, see Russia—Bolshevikl.

Vol. xv.

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