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General information.

Pilots and pilotage-

Quarantine and medical relief


Storm warnings-

West Indian hurricanes.

Radio service.

United States Coast Guard stations.

Variation of the compass.-

Currents, Sandy Hook to Cape Henry.

Inland waterways--

Distances between ports..

Descriptions and sailing directions.:

Directions, New York to Chesapeake Bay entrance.

Coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May -

Delaware Bay and River

Currents, Delaware Bay and River..

General remarks, approaches to Delaware Bay -

Directions, Delaware Bay and River to Philadelphia

Delaware Bay, western side..

Delaware Bay, eastern side.

Delaware River below Christiana River

Christiana River..

Delaware River, Christiana River to Philadelphia-

Port of Philadelphia--

Delaware River above Philadelphia --

Coast from Cape Henlopen to Cape Charles-

Inland waters, Cape Henlopen to Cape Charles-

Directions, inside route Rehoboth to Cape Charles..

Rehoboth to Chincoteague Bay--

Chincoteague Bay and Inlet.

Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipongo Inlet.

Great Machipongo Inlet to Cape Charles-

Chesapeake Bay-

Currents, Chesapeake Bay --

General remarks, approaches to Chesapeake Bay-

Directions, Chesapeake Bay entrance to Baltimore..

Chesapeake Bay entrance.

Hampton Roads and adjacent ports.

Directions, Chesapeake Bay entrance to Newport News and


James River.

Hampton Roads to York River.

York River.

Mobjack Bay.

Mobjack Bay to Piankatank River..

Piankatank River...

Rappahannock River...

Rappahannock River to Great Wicomico River.

Great Wicomico River..

Potomac River...

St. Jerome Creek.

Patuxent River.

Patuxent River to Severn River.

Severn River and Annapolis Harbor.




Washington, February 12, 1930. This publication covers the coast from Sandy Hook to Cape Henry, including the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays and tributaries, and the inside route from New York to Norfolk. It is based mainly upon the work of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, including the results of a special examination in 1929.

This volume covers the same territory as the first edition of Section C, excepting that the inland waterway along the coast of New Jersey has been omitted, as this route is fully described in the Inside Route Pilot, Coast of New Jersey. The present (third edition) has been prepared by G. D. Cowie, hydrographic and geodetic engineer, Coast and Geodetic Survey, under the direction of J. H. Hawley, chief, coast pilot section.

Valuable assistance has been rendered by the Lighthouse Service, the United States engineers, and local authorities in furnishing information for use in this volume.

The aids to navigation are corrected to February 12, 1930.

Navigators are requested to notify the Director, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey of any errors or omissions they may find in this publication, or of additional matter which they think should be inserted for the information of mariners.

R. S. PATTON, Director.


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