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Treaty of Peace with Sweden.... Kiel, 14th January, 1814.. 194

Annexes. Treaties with Sweden. 1660, 1720, 1809.. 205
Treaty of Peace with Russia. .Hanover, 8th February, 1814.. 244
PROVISIONAL ARRANGEMENT of Commerce with Prussia.

Paris, 2nd June, 1814.. 254
CORRESPONDENCE between the Plenipotentiaries of Austria,

Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia, and
Prince Christian, relative to the Govern-

ment of Norway. .. Christiania, July, 1814. . 1015
Treaty of Peace with Spain.... London, 14th August, 1814.. 246
Annex. Convention with Spain, 1767.....

TREATY of Peace with Prussia... Berlin, 25th August, 1814. .

DECLARATION of Prince Christian, on withdrawing from Norway.

Ladegaardsöen, 10th October, 1814.. 925


TREATY of Peace and Amily between Bonaparte and the King

of Spain. ....... Valençay, 11th December, 1813. . 1225
CAPITULATION of the City of Paris to the Allied Armies.

Paris, 31st March, 1814.. 130
Acts relative to the Nomination of a Provisional Government;

the Deposilion of Napoleon Bonaparte; and the Con-
stitution of the Kingdom.

Paris, 1st—6th April, 1814.. 947, 954
CONFERENCE between the Plenipolentiaries of Austria, France,

Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia, relative
to the Bonaparle Family.

Paris, 10th April, 1814. . 132, 141
TREATY with Austria, Prussia, and Russia, relative to do.

Paris, 11th April, 1814.. 134
Act of Accession of Great Britain to do.

Paris, 27th April, 1814.. 140
CONVENTION (Military) with Austria, Prussia, and Russia.

Pont-à-Tressin, 12th April, 1814.. 1006
COMMUNICATIONS between the Senate and The Comte d'Arlois,

relative to the Provisional Government of
the Kingdom. . . Paris, 14th April, 1814.. 955



CONVENTION (Military) with Austria, Great Britain, and Sicily.

Schiarino Rizzeno, 16th April, 1814.. 1007

CONVENTION (Military) with Great Britain and Sicily.

St. François d'Albaro, 18th April, 1814.. 1066

CONVENTION with Austria, Prussia, and Russia, for the Sus-

pension of Hostilities. . Paris, 23rd April, 1814.. 143

Act of ACCESSION of Portugal to do..... Paris, 8th May, 1814. . 1038

CONVENTION (Mililary) with Austria.

Mantua, 23rd April, 1814. . 1014

CONVENTION (Military) with Austria and Great Britain.

Turin, 27th April, 1814. . 1010
DECLARATION of The King. Bases of the Constitution.

St. Ouen, 2nd May, 1814.. 956

DEFINITIVE Treaty of Peace and Amity with Austria, Great
Britain, Prussia, and Russia.

Paris, 30th May, 1814.. 151, 170

Annexes. Trealies with Great Britain. 1713,

1763, 1783. (Extracts.) Newfoundland Fishery. . 420
ADDITIONAL ARTICLES with Porlugal, to the Definitive Trealy

of Peace. ... Paris, 30th May, 1814.. 1038

CONSTITUTIONAL CHARTER. ... Paris, 4th June, 1814.. 960

SPEECH of The King, on the Opening of the Chambers.

Paris, 4th June, 1814.. 957

SPEECH of the Minister of Finance, on the situation of the

Paris, 12th July, 1814.. 833
TREATY of Peace and Amity with Spain.

Paris, 20th July, 1814.. 1099

Speech of the Minister of Finance, on the state of the Finances.

Paris, 22nd July, 1814.. 851

REPORT of do. on do., and on the Budgets of 1814 and 1815.

Paris, 22nd July, 1814. . 864

Law, (Projet,) relative to the Finances.. . 22nd July, 1814. . 860, 898
Law, relative to the Finances....... 23rd September, 1814.. 967
CORRESPONDENCE with Portugal, on the re-establishment of

Diplomatic and Commercial Relations.

Paris, July, August, 1814.. 1039
CORRESPONDENCE with Hayti, relative to the Government of
that Island..

Sept., Oct., 1814.. 1053



ACT OF PARLIAMENT, establishing Regulations relative to

Aliens... .. 29th July, 1814.. 822
CORRESPONDENCE with The United States, relative to Over-
tures for a Suspension of Hostilities.

June to October, 1812.. 1470
with The United States, relative to the

Impressment of Seamen..... 1792, 1803. . 1375
with Russia, relative to the Mediation of
Russia for Peace with The United States.

September, 1813.. 1544
with the Commander-in-Chief of the Libe-

rating Army of Venezuela, on the san-
guinary character of the Civil War with

Spain. ... ... September, October, 1813.. 1247
with The United States, relative to Nego-
tiations for Peace.. .. 1813, 1814.

1543, 1579, 1594, 1640
with Norway, relative to the Cession of
Norway to Sweden.

Christiania, June, 1814. . 1295
between the Plenipotentiaries of Austria,

Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia,
and Prince Christian of Denmark, rela-
tive to the Government of Norway.

Christiania, July, 1814. . 1015
DECLARATION of The Prince Regent, relative to the War with

The United States. Westminster, 9th Jan. 1813.. 1508
DECLARATION of the Allies, on the Rupture of the Negotia-
tions with France at Chatillon.

Vitry, 25th March, 1814.. 912
NOTIFICATIONS relative to the British Blockade of Norway.

April, September, 1814. . 1277
ORDERS IN COUNCIL, &c., relative to the Cessation of Hostili-

ties with, and discontinuance of the Blockades of,
certain Countries, Ports, and Places, viz.:

Order in Council. Russia. .. 5th August, 1812. . 1261
Order in Council. Mecklenburgh, Oldenburg,
Papenburg, Kniphausen, Prussia, Lubeck.

9th December, 1812. . 1262

ORDERS IN COUNCIL, &c., Continued.

Instruction. Baltic, Russia, Prussia, Papen-
burg, Hamburgh, Bremen, Germany, Sweden.

9th December, 1812. . 1264
Order. Baltic.....

7th April, 1813.. 1267
Notification. East Frieseland, Kniphausen, 01-

denburg, Bremen. ....27th November, 1813.. 1267
Order in Council. East Friezeland, Kniphausen,

Oldenburg, Bremen. .. 30th November, 1813. . 1268
Notification. Netherlands. 11th December, 1813.. 1269
Notification. Trieste. Dalmatia. . Ilth Dec. 1813. . 1269
Order in Council. Netherlands. . 13th Dec. 1813.. 1269
Order in Council. Trieste. Dalmatia.

13th December, 1813.. 1270
Notification. France. .... 14th January, 1814. . 1270
Order in Council. France.. . 14th January, 1814. . 1271
Order in Council. France.. . 21st January, 1814. . 1272
Order in Council. Italy... 21st April, 1814.. 1272
Notification. Italy.

22nd April, 1814. . 1272
Notification. Elbe... .. 31st May, 1814. . 1273
ORDER IN COUNCIL, embargoing and detaining Ships and

Vessels belonging to The United

31st July, 1812. . 1345
for granting Letters of Marque and Re-
prisal against The United States.

13th October, 1812. . 1346
regulating the Trade in certain Articles

between Friendly Nations and the
British South American and West In-

dian Colonies..... 26th October, 1812. . 1357
regulating the Trade of British and

Foreign Vessels with the Cape of Good

Hope.. .24th September, 1814. . 1275
prohibiting the carrying Coastwise, or

the Exportation, of Gunpowder, Arms,
Ammunition, &c. beyond Seas, except-

ing to the Coast of Africa. 1814. . 1278, 1281
prohibiting the Exportation of Naval

Slores to Foreign Countries. 1814.. 1279, 1282

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